World Class Fitness

Regardless of your current fitness or background, the workouts can be scaled to meet any needs.

Constantly Varied
Our workouts change daily so you will never get bored and your fitness will never plateau.
Functional Movements
In CrossFit, we use movements that we perform in everyday life. This ensures that you will obtain the highest quality of life and longevity.
High Intensity
Each individual has a certain physical and mental tolerance. We strive to push these level and the result is an improvement in fitness.
Consistency is key to realizing your fitness goals. We offer a community that will motivate and challenge you to meet your goals.

Jonathan Barbo

Owner/Head Coach

Parker Lee


James Pepmiller



Workout with a coach on site with a number of class times. Working out with other individuals can motivate and inspire higher levels of fitness.

for home

We understand sometimes you cant make it into the gym. This is why we offer an at home option for each days workout.